About Us

Siimbi Aviation was formed in 2014 by Ian and Doug Braum, a father and son team who together had the vision of developing a low cost and highly mobile flying operation that could fill several gaps in the aviation market.

Micro Flights is a subsidiary of Siimbi Aviation, and was developed in answer to the ever growing demand for exciting tourist activities in Plettenberg Bay and the Garden Route. We invite you to take to the sky for the experience of a life time, feel the rush of open cockpit flying and the beauty of the South African coastline from the air.

Russel Braum Profile

Russel - CEO

Russel, a hospitality industry specialist, focussing on new business opportunities has been involved in developing some of South Africa’s newest iconic restaurant ventures. He joined SIIMBI in 2018.

Doug - COO

Doug is our chief pilot, and has been flying microlights for the better part of 10 years as part of an anti poaching unit in Tanzania. He has over 3000 hours of flight time (that’s a lot!), and he drives us nuts with his meticulous attention to detail.

He is Super knowledgeable and loves a good chat, so ask him as many questions as you want! If you’re lucky, he may just keep the plane in the air until he’s finished telling you about why warthogs lift up their tails when running through long grass…

Stacey - Marketing

Stacey has worked in sales and administration since she left school (we won’t mention how long ago that was). She makes sure that Microflights get all the publicity and attention it deserves. She also keeps all of us in line with paperwork etc. Every business needs a Stacey!

Ian Braum - Founding Member

(30 November 1943 – 4 April 2018)